Non-stop     Stallion | 15-05-1990 | BWP | Dark brown | 1m70

For more than ten years already, Nonstop is one of the main show jumping producers in the world. These are not our words, but it’s the WBFSH World Ranking that proves it. Already for almost ten years, Nonstop is in the top fifty of show jumping sires. His father Darco was the world number one for six years in a row. The motherline is probably the best in Holstein and one of the best in the world. From this damline also descend Carthago, Canturo, European Champion Cöster, Feinschnitt, Faust Z, …

Nonstop became famous because of his offspring. Former super stars are Ulysse of Pius Schwizer, Vangelis S, who jumped world cup finals and Nations Cups with Karl Cook and Robert Smith, Bonzai vd Warande, still one of the GP horses of Juan Carlos Carcia, Abbervail vh Dingenshof, retired from topsport after so many GP victories under the saddle of Denis Lynch, Topic vh Voorhof, world cup winner from Bernardo Alves, Pironella, one of the top horses in the current string of Daniel Deusser, Fariska, the mare that was sold to America after several top placings at GP level with Kevin Gielen. Also Fidalgo vh Leliehof was sold to USA after lots of top results in Europe under the saddle of Niels Bruynseels. The biggest performance was delivered by Amai, the horse that won the GP of Aachen under the saddle of Michael Whitaker. From the first 400 foals of Nonstop, 89 jumped 1.40m or higher.

In the Youngster Tour several horses from another generation of Nonstop offspring are breaking through. Stephanie Andries won at the Sunshine Tour on Javenia, Benny Naessens won silver medal at the Belgian Championships in Gesves on Just in Time. Kevin Staut acquired Istar vd Meerdijk and resold it to Brazil. Also in the Middle East they invested in some Nonstop offspring. In Belgium Patrik Spits has high hopes for the stallion Inonstop vh Voorhof to jump real Grand Prix’s. Other top performing products of these days are Fiona vh Lemmenshof (Louise Pavitt), Eblesse vh Scheefkasteel (Charlotte Spaas-Levallois), Gayatri vh Welthof (Vincenzo Chimirro), Gladstone (Jos Lansink), Unistop (John Whitaker) and Gem Twist, French champion in Fontainebleau in the 6 year old open division.

As a sport horse Non Stop won the championship of Belgium for six-year-old horses in Gesves. Afterwards he performed internationally under the saddle of Nelson Pessoa and Tony Hassman. He won several GP’s, derby’s and puissances. Non Stop is still available with fresh semen. He’s also approved by the Holsteiner Verband.

2009 Ulysse:
1 ste Derby van la Baule
1 ste Madrid
1 ste GP Falsterbo
Goud voor Zwitserland EK Windsor
2 de GP CSI-W Oslo
1 ste GP CSI-**** Munich

2010 Ulysse:
1ste en 2de CSI-O *****Aken
1ste CSI-W *****Sint-Hertogenbos
2de CSI-W***** Bordeaux
2de in de Worldranking list

2de CSI***Leipzich
2de CSI*****St-Gallen
1ste en 3de CSI*****Global Champions Tour Estoril
2de CSI***** Global Champions Tour Rio de Janeiro
2de CSI****Donaueschingen
7de CSI-W*****Oslo
1ste CSI-W*****Helsinki
1ste CSI****Wenen
1ste en 2de CSI*****Global Champions Tour Abu Dhabi

2009 Amai:
1 ste GP CSI-W ****Verona
2 de Masters CSI**** Antwerpen
2 de Grote Prijs CSI**** Antwerpen

Amai 2010:
2 maal 1ste ****Hickstead Derby
2de 1m60 CSI-O *****Dublin
1ste CSI-W GP *****Londen

1ste CSI****Amsterdam
2de GP CSI-O***** Rome
3de CSI-O *****Hickstaed
2de CSI-O*****Nations Cup Aken
1ste CSI-O***** Dublin

2009 Abbervail:
1 ste CSI ** Lummen
1 ste CSI**** Falsterbo zes barenproef
3 de GP CSI **** Valkenswaard
4 de CSI **** Padenborn

2010 Abbervail:
1ste CSI-O***** Nationscup Lummen
1ste GP CSI**** Wiesbaden
4de CSI**** Stuttgart

4de CSI****Amsterdam
2de CSI-W*****Zurich
5de CSI-W *****Vigo
2de CSI-W *****Göteborg
1ste CSI-W**** S'Hertogenbosch
5de CSI-W*****Global Champions Tour Valencia
2de CSI****Lyon
2de CSI-W*****Verona
7de Rolex Top 10 Parijs

2009 Vangelis S:
5 de King George Cup
5 de Landenwedsrtijd CSI-O***** ST Gallen
2 x 4 de CSI-O ****Hickstaed 1m60
3 de CSI **** Helsinki
3x2 de CSI****Toronto

2010 Vangels S
4de CSI-O***** Calgary
1ste 1m50 en 1ste zesbarenproef CSI-W *****Londen

2011: Bonzai van de Warande

1ste CSI***Follonica
2de CSI*** Augusto
2de CSI**Bagnia
5de CSI*****Barcelona
5de CSI***San Giovanni
1ste CSI**Monpillier

Sire Darco Lugano van la roche Lugano
Ocoucha Codex
Dame-line Glorca v/h schuttershof Carneval Cor de la Bruyere
Losandra Lord
Achievements: 2002:
1° Puissance,CSI-B Neustadt-Dosse,Toni Hassmann
4° 1.35 Against the clock, CSI-B Neustadt-Dosse, Toni Hassmann
5° Puissance, CSI-W Dortmund, Toni Hassmann
8° 1.55 Mixed comp., CSI-A Hamburg, Toni Hassmann
10° Derby Mixed comp., CSI-A Hamburg, Toni Hassmann

2° 1.40 Speed and handiness, CSI-W Geneva, Toni Hassmann
2° 1.45 Against the clock, CSI-A Spangenberg, Toni Hassmann
2° 1.50 Against the clock, CSI-A Hardenberg, Toni Hassmann
3° 1.35 Baton relays, CSI-W Geneva, Toni Hassmann
3° Puissance, CSI-W Berlin, Toni Hassmann
5° 1.40 Against the clock, CSI-A, Berlin Toni Hassmann
9° 1.50 Speed and handiness, CSI-A, Hardenberg Toni Hassmann
27° Audi Trophy Mixed comp., CSI-A, Hardenberg Toni Hassmann

1° Against the clock, CSIO Poznan, Toni Hassmann
2° Against the clock, CSI-A Bremen, Toni Hassmann
3° Speed and handiness, CSIO Lummen, Toni Hassmann
5° Mixed comp., CSI-A Bremen, Toni Hassmann
5° Speed and handiness, CSI-A Wiesbaden, Toni Hassmann
5° Two phases, CSI-A Munich Riem, Toni Hassmann
5° Against the clock, CSI-A Munich Riem, Toni Hassmann

1° Against the clock, CSI Valkenswaard, Nelson Pessoa
1° Mixed comp., CSI Hamburg, Nelson Pessoa
2° Against the clock, CSI Hamburg, Nelson Pessoa
3° Against the clock, CSIO Calgary, Rodrigo Pessoa
3° Mixed comp. CSIO, Calgary, Rodrigo Pessoa
3° Speed and handiness, CSI Valkenswaard, Nelson Pessoa
3° Mixed comp., CSIO Falsterbo, Nelson Pessoa
4° Against the clock, CSIO Falsterbo, Nelson Pessoa

3° Mixed comp., CSIO Mechelen, Nelson Pessoa
Kampioen van Belgie in Gesves als 6 jarige.
Approved for: BWP - SF - OLD
Semen: Fresh - Frozen -
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